Where Legend meets Science

We are sons and daughters of brave warriors who have evolved, adapted, and mutated for our existence. Survival depends on energy. Energy comes from one place, The Mighty Mitochondrial ring, passed down to you from your maternal ancestors unchanged. The Mighty Ring technology by Genetic Eve allows you for the first time to process your mitochondrial genome, trace your heritage, follow her footsteps and learn what she adapted for you.


You are directly evolved from a long line of brave women who mutated for your survival. How? By marching through parched deserts, shivering through frozen tundra, foraging off the land and escaping wild predators. And now, here you are!

Genetic Eve helps you make sense of your ancient mutations in a modern world. We developed The Mighty Ring Technology to examine DNA, identify point mutations, and guide you on a path to optimal energy. All energy comes from one place, the Mitochondria, and all Mitochondria come from just a handful of maternal ancestors. Genetic Eve evaluates DNA testing and maternal heritage, guiding you to optimize your well-being. At Genetic Eve, We believe that by examining your maternal DNA, you can embrace who you are and give your body what it needs to flourish in this modern world.

Founder Dr. Deborah Dunn MD, MPH has given her professional life to medicine, and now she is generously opening her waiting room to you. By building a platform that reconnects you to your ancestral tribe, we are inviting people from across the globe to discover the knowledge their maternally inherited DNA holds about energy and aging. Whether you suffer from chronic disease, health challenges, or just want to remain vibrant, our goal is to help you understand and optimize the power hidden in your adaptive mutations.

We want you to appreciate who you are, and empower you to live the life you were designed to live.

It is time to meet your mutator and thrive.